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Booking conditions

Computer bookings
1. Initial bookings slots are for up to 2 hours.
2. You may extend your booking if the computer is not booked by someone else
3. Your PC booking will expire if you do not login within the first 15 minutes. iMac bookings do not expire.
4. You will be alerted to save your work 10 mins, 5 mins and then 3 mins before your booking ends. You will be automatically logged off once your booking time has expired.

Project and Meeting room bookings
1. Initial bookings are for a maximum 2 hours per group.
2. Groups must have more than 2 people.
3. Extensions are possible if your group study room has not been booked.
Your booking will expire after 15 minutes if you do not turn up.

You can make bookings up to 2 weeks in advance.

Please save your work regularly. If your PC is inactive for 30 minutes it will be automatically logged off and unsaved work will be lost.